Vago Desio

Elissa Edwards, soprano & Richard Kolb, theorbo

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*world premiere recording

Barbara Strozzi (1619–1677)
1. L’Astratto 10:16
2. *Non c’è più fede 4:44
3. E pazzo mio core 5:50
4. Corrente #1 & 2 in c, Bernardo Gianoncelli (d. c. 1650) 5:13
5. *Tu me ne puoi ben dire 7:11
6. *Ferma il piede 5:26
7. Che si può fare 8:57
8. Corrente in f, Bernardo Gianoncelli 2:37
9. *Donne belle 7:31

Total Time: 57:52


“…Edwards wrings every ounce of pathos out of the mournful, chromatic “Non c’e piu fede,” warms her tone and adds the occasional flirtatious glissando for the sly wink of “Donne belle, è vanità,” and aptly conveys the empty hopelessness of lovesickness in “Che si può fare” — she positively inhabits the drama of the text in a way Strozzi would certainly have enjoyed, while Richard Kolb accompanies with both sensitivity and gusto. The heady emotion of the texted works is beautifully broken up by Kolb on archlute, who inserts two sets of correntes by contemporary composer Bernardo Gianoncelli.

It’s a wonderful recording that rewards both immediately and on repeat listening.”

KAREN COOK, Early Music America, November 2020

“Kolb shows a ravishing tone and captivating range of moods on his two instruments (an archlute and a theorbo). Soprano Elisa Edwards seems to be living the texts that she sings, as in her sighing and self-critical pouting in the tuneful number entitled “È pazzo mio core” (My Heart Is Crazy)…

The fine booklet gives us all the words, in Italian and in excellent translations—at once faithful and idiomatic. The recorded acoustic seems perfect for this kind of intimate repertory.”

RALPH P. LOCKE, the arts fuse, November 2020