The Choral Works of Matthew Brown

CD cover Antioch Matthew Brown by Acis

Antioch Chamber Ensemble

(though love be a day) – selected choral works of Matthew Brown

1. (though love be a day)
2. the night has a thousand eyes
3. sweet was the song
4. a red, red rose
5. another lullaby for insomniacs
6. she walks in beauty
7. it may not always be so
8. daybreak
9. above: I there above
10. above: II dandelion
11. above: III you and i shall go
12. sitivit anima mea
13. o magnum mysterium
14. o ecclesia
15. table grace
16. true colors, Kelly/Steinberg arr. Brown

Review: “Sure, you could just play Handel’s “Messiah” between now and Christmas. Or for a fresh-yet-almost-ancient-sounding alternative, dip into this quietly mesmerizing recording of choral works — some with subtle instrumental accompaniment — by Matthew Brown. Using texts by Donne, Byron, Burns and Cummings, as well as the Wintu people, a native Californian tribe now extinct, Mr. Brown spins delicate harmonies that build up like gentle snowdrifts.”


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