CD cover Quicksilver Stile Moderno by Acis


Top Ten Recordings of 2014 – The New Yorker

Fantasticus: Extravagant and Virtuosic Music of the German Seventeenth Century

1. Sonata no.9 à 4, Matthias Weckmann
2. Sonata à 3 in d minor, Antonio Bertali
3. Sonata à 2, Johann Kaspar Kerll
4. Ciaconna Anonymous
5. Sonata à 4 in d minor, Antonio Bertali
6. Sonata no.2 à 4, Matthias Weckmann
7. Prelude in g minor, BuxWV 163, Dieterich Buxtehude
8. Polnische Sackpfeiffen, Johann Schmeltzer
9. Sonata in G, BuxWV 271, Dieterich Buxtehude
10. Canzona in C major, no.21, Johannes Vierdanck
11. Sonata à 3, Andreas Oswald
12. Sonata no.10, Antonio Bertali




“The disc’s title is no exaggeration…extravagance and virtuosity…Everyone in Quicksilver commands attention…Fantasticus, indeed.”
DONALD ROSENBERG, Gramophone, April 2015

“enthralls the audience”
JOHANNES PROMINCZEL, Österreichische Musikzeitschrift (Austrian Music Journal), May 2016

“True avant-garde is only occasionally heard in the Baroque canon… diverse, unique, and exciting…accomplished, and beautiful…real vibrancy and imagination”
Fanfare Magazine

“The unusual repertory is worthwhile all on its own, and when it’s played this expertly by musicians who are leaders in early music performance you have a special treat to enjoy.”
Sunday Baroque

“outlandish virtuosity…Quicksilver delivers this music with all the panache and thrilling technical flair we’ve come to expect. Highly recommended”
CD Hotlist

“2014 saw one of the finest releases of ancient music…Quicksilver is a dream team of seven top early music performers”
Colorado Public Radio

“Exciting music from the early development of baroque style in Germany, played by Quicksilver, one of the best, most virtuosic bands around”
Musica Antiqua

“The critical favorite out of a number of great recordings of 17th-century instrumental chamber music – and the perfect introduction to the genre, since surveys a wide range of composers. The booklet says it ‘explores one of the cultural revolutions of the time: the development of the sonata..with no standard formal shape except the passionate give-and-take of friends in conversation, this ‘new music’ is virtuosic, experimental, unexpected, and deeply moving.’ It’s true!”
Iowa Public Radio

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