Louprette – A French Voice

CD cover Renee Anne Louprette performs A French Voice on Acis

Renée Anne Louprette

Mander (1993)

The Church of St. Ignatius Loyola, New York, New York

“Seemingly effortless virtuosity”
Choir & Organ

“The excellent Acis recording captures the full dramatic range…a highly recommended recording”
MusicWeb International

“This music comes into its own in New York, possibly even better.”

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1. Te Deum, Op. 11
Jeanne Demessieux (1921–1968)

Trois Pièces pour Orgue ou Harmonium
Nadia Boulanger (1887–1979)
2. III. Improvisation

Trois Pièces
Jacques Ibert (1890–1962)
3. III. Fugue

4. Variations sur un thème de Clément Jannequin
Jehan Alain (1911–1940)

5. Six Variations sur un Psaume Huguenot, Op. 1
André Isoir (1935–2016)

Pièces de Fantaisie, Deuxième Suite, Op. 53
Louis Vierne (1870–1937)
6. I. Lamento
7. II. Sicilienne
8. III. Hymne au Soleil
9. IV. Feux Follets
10. V. Clair de lune
11. VI. Toccata

Total Time 69:58

New York Times coverage of CD Launch at Sacred Music in a Sacred Space


“Louprette plays with grace and charm as well as seemingly effortless virtuosity. Twenty-five years since its installation, this organ still captivates with its uniquely French voice in New York.”
RUPERT GOUGH, Choir & Organ, January/February 2019, 5 Stars

“Louprette’s master stroke is to record [the program] on the spectacular, and largely recognised on disc, 1993 Mander organ of St Ignatius Loyola, New York…Louprette’s performance [of the Demessieux], with its powerful rhythmic emphasis and spiky articulation…calls to mind Demessieux’s own style of playing… The chief objective [of the composition] is to provide a virtuoso showpiece for both organist and instrument, and here is a recording which does that magnificently… The excellent Acis recording captures the full dramatic range…and certainly this Mander instrument is the ideal vehicle on which to present a work which devotes so much time to the close scrutiny of individual stops…there is something about both Louprette’s angular and self-confident playing as well as the wonderful sound of this fine organ which makes this a highly recommended recording.”
MARC ROCHESTER, MusicWeb International

“The organ by the British builder Mander proves to be eminently suitable for this repertoire. Secondly, the church has an excellent acoustic. Not for nothing did the New York Times observe, with regard to this particular installation, that one of the most important stops of an organ is acoustic of the room in which it is built. And finally, Ms. Louprette’s playing has a French touch that is indispensable for the performance of this repertoire…This, together with a fascinating programme of music, makes for a CD that is well worth listening to, to put it mildly!…I only know the Paris recording by Isoir himself of 1992 (Erato). But here, this music comes into its own in New York, possibly even better… The recording is excellent.”
BERT REBERGEN, orgelnieuws.nl

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