American Composers at Play: William Bolcom, Ricky Ian Gordon, Lori Laitman, John Musto

Stephen Powell

William Bolcom, Ricky Ian Gordon, Lori Laitman, John Musto, Attacca Quartet, Charles Neidich, Jason Vieaux

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*world premiere recording. †Amy Schroeder, violin, Attacca Quartet. ‡Andrew Yee, cello, Attacca Quartet

1. *The Wind Sighs, aria from Ludlow
Lori Laitman (b. 1955)

2. *Souvenir, for baritone, ‡cello and piano
Ricky Ian Gordon (b. 1956)

Enough Rope
John Musto (b. 1954)
3. Social Note
4. Résumé
5. The Sea

6. Waitin
William Bolcom (b. 1938)

Men with Small Heads
Lori Laitman

7. Men with Small Heads
8. Refrigerator, 1957
9. A Small Tin Parrot Pin
10. Snake Lake

11. Can’t Sleep
William Bolcom

12. Song of Black Max, (as told by the de Kooning boys)
William Bolcom

The Brief Light, for baritone and guitar
John Musto
13. When You Danced
14. Song
15. The Voices
16. The Brief Light
17. The Summons
18. I Have Drifted

19. Bus Stop
Ricky Ian Gordon

20. *Father’s Song
Ricky Ian Gordon

21. Billy in the Darbies, for baritone and string quartet
William Bolcom

*Two by Frost
John Musto

22. Nothing Gold Can Stay
23. The Rose Family

24. Satisfaction
William Bolcom

25. If I…, for baritone, clarinet and piano
Lori Laitman

26. Lady Death
William Bolcom

27. *The Good Death, for baritone, †violin and piano
Ricky Ian Gordon

28. Money
Lori Laitman

29. A Horse with Wings
Ricky Ian Gordon

Total Time: 75:27