Trevor Weston Choral Works

CD cover Trevor Weston Trinity Wall Street Wachner by Acis

Trinity Wall Street

Trevor Weston Choral Works

1. Given Sound
2. Rivers of Living Water
3. My Heart Hath Trusted in God
4. Truth Tones
5. Magnificat
6. Nunc dimittis
7. O Daedalus, Fly Away Home
8. Ashes
9. Ma’at Musings I, The King Joins the Stars
10. Ma’at Musings II, Complaint Tapestry
11. Ma’at Musings III, The Wisdom of Intef
12. Ma’at Musings IV, The King Feeds on the Gods
13. Messe Ancienne, Kyrie
14. Messe Ancienne, Sanctus and Benedictus
15. Messe Ancienne, Agnus Dei

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